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The Mavens, are a supplemental educational enrichment program for children ages 5-13, focused on assisting our youth by gathering knowledge essential to make a difference.  The Mavens are a for profit organization founded within the community, for the community, by 5 fathers.  Betterville, is a symbolic representation of the advancement of our communities to not only compete on a global scale but to also become self-sustaining. Our mission is to provide our children with an advanced education through “GeoCobotics” while also reinforcing the concept of community economics.


We exist in a universe defined by our faiths and beliefs and governed by the facts within science and history. Without sufficient access to these facts and a deeper appreciation of our faiths, beliefs and our community and in turn the greater world we exist in becomes crippled. To confront this challenge we formed the Betterville Mavens and have created an “Intellectual Field of Dreams” where individuals can leverage their likenesses and bond with others globally, enhanced by
new digital communication methods, which in turn now creates more accurate narratives fueled by deeper interhuman connectivity.  “Geocobotics” is an algorithm designed to prepare the Mavens to understand the uniqueness of who they are with the specialized opportunities given to them to impact their global diaspora. STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) has always been a cornerstone of cultural advancement, long before adverse social and violent behavior found itself in humans, many who then took extreme measures of banishing discovery and scientists, enslaving and selling other humans, capturing and ruling lands of other humans, and still instituting unequal caste systems which affront global civilizations to this day.  STEM and with it the awareness and discovery it facilitates, has served as a tool to advance humanity. In the mission of the Mavens a focus on the contributions of Africans and Asians in these fields is paramount.
Community economics is the foundation of the Betterville Mavens, the Mavens exist for and by the communities it serves. The cost of equitable assimilation tends to be unjustly high, specifically for young men of color. Developing a platform designed to marginalize that reality is a responsibility of the community.  New tools and markets are emerging which can allow us to reach a strong economic and social standing.  The Mavens will provide your child with the tools and a head start to take advantage of them, in a fun classroom environment.